Lipid Digestion and Absorption Process

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Which enzyme is responsible for hydrolyzing TAG molecules in the intestine?

Pancreatic lipase

What is the preferred carbons for pancreatic lipase to remove fatty acids from in TAG molecules?

1 and 3

In what form is most dietary cholesterol present?


Which enzyme hydrolyzes cholesteryl esters in the intestine?

Cholesterol esterase

What is required for optimal activity of pancreatic cholesteryl ester hydrolase?

Bile salts

Which enzyme requires activation by trypsin in the presence of bile salts?

Phospholipase A2

What does phospholipase A2 remove from carbon 2 of a phospholipid?

Fatty acid

What are the primary products resulting from enzymatic degradation of dietary lipid?

2-monoacylglycerol, unesterified cholesterol, Lysophospholipids, free fatty acids

What facilitates the absorption of dietary lipids by intestinal mucosal cells?

Mixed micelles

Explore the process of lipid digestion and absorption in the human body, including the role of enzymes like pancreatic lipase and cholesterol esterase. Learn about the hydrolysis of TAG molecules and cholesteryl esters, and the production of free fatty acids and cholesterol.

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