Linux File System Objectives

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What is the primary characteristic of the Linux file system that allows for efficient organization of files and directories?

Hierarchical structure

How does the Linux file system achieve hardware independence?

By representing files as a succession of octets

Which of the following is NOT one of the standard directories in the Linux file system structure?


What allows the Linux file system to have high flexibility?

The ability to mount/insert or demount new file systems at any level

What is the primary limitation on the number of nodes (files and directories) in the Linux file system?

The hardware resources available

What is the root directory in the Linux file system?

The top-level directory that contains all other directories and files

Which of the following is NOT a type of file in Linux?

Executable file

What character is used to delimit directory names in a file path in Linux?


What is the main difference between file paths in Windows and Linux?

Linux is case-sensitive, while Windows is not.

What is the purpose of an inode in Linux?

It stores metadata about the file, such as permissions and timestamps.

What is the purpose of the /dev directory in Linux?

It contains special files that represent I/O devices.

What is the difference between a text file and a binary file in Linux?

Text files use a single character to indicate the end of the file, while binary files use two characters.

Explore the structure of file systems in the Linux operating system, including characteristics, organization, and commands for file manipulation. Learn about the hierarchical structure, hardware independence, and flexibility of the file system.

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