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Political language is broadly a reference to the language of the news, news reports, news bulletins, news headlines, political speeches, political statements, political communiqués, press releases, press conferences, national and international political debates and politicians and institutions in ______

Politics is the collection of opinions, principles, sympathies, attitudes, ideologies and biases with respect to ______

Our engagements in ______

It is the complex aggregate of relationships of people in society, especially those involving power and authority. Or, simply it is the profession of ______, and political activities or affairs. More specifically, ______

Whatever definition we go for, the term 'politics' is taken in its common sense understood by the public as a reference to the power, authority, or government in ______


Test your knowledge on discourse, politics, ideology, and translation of formal language in political contexts with this quiz prepared by Dr. Wegdan Rabea Sayed from Sohag University.

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