Life Science Chapter 2: Human Body Systems Quiz

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What is the function of the kidneys in the human body?

Filter the blood and remove wastes and needed materials

Why does David's father need to go for dialysis?

Because his kidneys have failed

What are the components of the kidneys responsible for filtering the blood?


What is the purpose of excreting urine?

To remove waste and excess substances from the body

Which part of the body is affected when someone is on dialysis?


How does dialysis help in the absence of kidney function?

By filtering the blood externally

Why is it important to remove wastes from the blood?

To prevent toxic buildup in the body

What role do proteins play in the function of the kidneys?

No direct role in filtering the blood

Describe the process of blood filtration in the kidneys.

Blood is passed through nephrons to remove wastes and regulate water balance

Explain the significance of maintaining electrolyte balance in the body.

Essential for proper muscle function and nerve transmission

Test your knowledge on human body systems and their functions by matching terms to their correct definitions. Topics include nephron, oxygenated blood, red blood cells, blood vessels, and capillaries.

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