Life Processes and Nutrition

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What is the purpose of the maintenance processes mentioned in the text?

To prevent damage and break-down

What is the primary source of energy for organisms mentioned in the text?


Why do organisms need to break down the outside sources of energy?

To convert to uniform energy source

What type of molecules do most food sources for organisms on Earth consist of?


What type of chemical reactions are commonly used to break down molecules in organisms?

Oxidising-reducing reactions

Where do many organisms get oxygen required for oxidising-reducing reactions?

From air

Why might a single-celled organism not require specific organs for gas exchange?

Because all its cells are in direct contact with the environment

In multi-cellular organisms, why is simple diffusion insufficient to meet the needs of all cells?

Because of the specialized functions of different body parts

Why is a transportation system needed in multi-cellular organisms for carrying food and oxygen?

Because food and oxygen are taken up at one place but needed by all parts of the body

What is the process called when waste by-products are removed from the body and discarded outside?


Why do multi-cellular organisms need specialized tissues for functions like uptake of food and oxygen?

Because different parts of the body have different needs

What happens when chemical reactions in an organism create by-products that are harmful to cells?

They need to be removed from the body through excretion

Explore the concepts of life processes and nutrition in organisms, including the transfer of energy from food to support maintenance processes. Learn about the essential processes required to prevent damage and breakdown in living organisms.

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