Life on the Streets: A Story of Survival

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Match the following locations with their description:

B & B = Temporary accommodation Hostel for homeless people = Shelter for rough sleepers Squats = Abandoned buildings used as living spaces Park bench = Outdoor sleeping spot

Match the following challenges with their descriptions:

Finding a job = Difficult without a fixed address Surviving in the big city = Not as easy as expected Cold weather = Painful on the streets Loneliness = Felt strongly on the park bench

Match the following living conditions with their features:

Cramped room in squats = Shared with around fifteen others Squats in abandoned buildings = No running water or electricity Favourite doorways = Preferred outdoor sleeping spots Well-lit streets = Chosen for safety

Match the following emotions with the challenges faced by the homeless person in the text:

Loss of identity and dignity = Result of begging and lack of job Boredom and soul destruction = Result of having nothing to do during the day Lack of confidence and self-esteem = Result of difficulty in finding work Hope for the future and desire for home = Desire for a place to call their own

Match the following actions with people's responses to the homeless person in the text:

Giving coins or buying food = Showing pity and offering assistance Ignoring and avoiding eye contact = Rushing past without acknowledging Providing government money = Helping to barely make ends meet Offering a place on a council waiting list = Providing hope for a future home

Match the following challenges with the impacts they have on the homeless person in the text:

Difficulty in getting work = Leads to loss of confidence Lack of activities during the day = Results in boredom and soul destruction Struggling to make ends meet = Forces to beg and sell items Vicious circle of homelessness = Difficult to break out of

Match the following descriptions with the feelings expressed by the homeless person in the text:

Feeling choked by traffic fumes and deafening noise = Expressing discomfort with urban environment Desiring a place to call home = Longing for stability and security Finding it hard to get work due to lack of seriousness from others = Expressing frustration with job search challenges Expressing gratitude for people who show kindness = Appreciating gestures of assistance

Individuals without a roof over their heads are considered ______


Homelessness is not just about losing a roof over your head but becoming part of a wider process of ______


Sleeping rough means being on the ______, in public places, or in places not meant for human habitation


Homelessness can lead to an incapacity to live ______


Homelessness is the absence or attenuation of affiliative bonds that link settled persons to a network of interconnected social ______


The homeless may live in shelters provided by welfare or other ______


Explore the story of a teenager who ran away from foster care and ended up living on the streets. Follow their journey of struggle and survival in a big city like London.

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