Life in Medieval Castles

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Match the following with their description:

Castle walls = Had tall towers for observing far away Castle hall = Where families had meals around a long wooden table Castle kitchens = Had big kitchens for cooking food on open fires Castle gardens = Where people grew their own fruits and vegetables

Match the following with their usage in castles:

Candles = Used to see in the dark at night Open fires = Used for cooking food in the big kitchens Tall towers = Climbed by people to observe things far away Long wooden table = Used for families to have meals in the castle hall

Match the following with the food mentioned in the text:

Meat = Ate a lot of this in castles Bread = Also consumed along with meat, fruits, and vegetables Fruits and vegetables = Grown in the castle gardens Cooked food = Prepared on open fires in the big kitchens

Match the following with their purpose in castles:

Big walls = Surrounded most castles for protection Music = Listened to by families in the castle hall Lights = Not available at night; people used candles instead Water around castles = Added as an additional defense measure

Match the following with their location inside castles:

Towers = Found on the castle walls for observation Hall = Where families gathered for meals and music Kitchens = Had big ones for cooking food on open fires Gardens = Located outside where people grew fruits and vegetables

People climbed the ______ to see things far away


Inside the castle there was one very big ______


Castles had very big ______, and people cooked food on open fires


People ate a lot of meat and also bread, fruits, and ______


It was very dark at night, and there were no ______


Explore the daily life inside medieval castles, including the architecture, activities, and food. Learn about the grand halls, tall towers, big kitchens, gardens, and more.

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