Life in Deserts and Formation of Oases Quiz

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What geographical feature is formed when the wind blows away the sands?


In which desert is the Tafilalet Oasis located?

Sahara Desert

What does Ladakh mean in terms of its literal translation?

'Mountain Pass Country'

What is the most important river flowing through Ladakh?

Indus River

What is the altitude range in Ladakh as mentioned in the text?

3000m - 8000m

What are the typical day and night temperatures in Ladakh during summer?

+10°C and -10°C

What is the predominant reason for the low rainfall in Ladakh?

Being in the rain shadow of the Himalayas

Why may a person in Ladakh suffer from both sunstroke and frostbite at the same time?

Result of freezing winds combined with burning sunlight

What type of vegetation is found in Ladakh due to its high aridity?

Scanty patches of grasses and shrubs

Which of the following animals are commonly found in Ladakh?

Wild goats and wild sheep

What is a common use of Yak's milk in Ladakh?

To make cheese and butter

Why is the Chiru or Tibetan antelope an endangered species?

Hunted for its wool known as shahtoosh

What type of desert is the Sahara desert?


Which religious groups mainly inhabit the Ladakh desert?

Buddhists and Muslims

Why do people of the Sahara desert wear heavy robes?

To protect against sandstorms

What is the main attraction for tourists visiting Ladakh?

Unique culture and landscapes

What vegetation characteristic defines deserts?

Scanty vegetation

Where is Hemis located in Ladakh known as a famous site?


Test your knowledge about the formation of oases in deserts, the significance of water bodies in arid regions, and the characteristics of oases like Tafilalet Oasis in Morocco. Explore how people adapt to desert environments and utilize oases for agriculture.

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