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What was the impact of Lenin's decree in August 1918 regarding property?

How did Lenin respond to the decrease in the industrial workforce from 1917-1922?

What was the status of housing under the New Economic Policy (NEP) introduced by Lenin?

Which of the following statements about women's rights under Lenin is true?

How did Lenin address illiteracy in Russia during his rule?

What was the impact of War Communism on employment in Russia?

Under the New Economic Policy (NEP), what happened to the concept of compulsory employment?

What social benefit was introduced for workers regarding public transport during Lenin's rule?

How were food rations distributed under Lenin's social benefits policy?

What significant change regarding property ownership occurred during Lenin's time in power?


Test your knowledge on Lenin's employment policies throughout different stages like War Communism, NEP, and its impact on unemployment rates and prostitution in Russia during the early 20th century.

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