LEGO Universe MMOG Announcement

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What new product line was LEGO considering, as mentioned in the text?

A line of buildable games

What challenge did LEGO face in its distribution process?

Meeting strict delivery deadlines set by retailers like Wal-Mart

Which of the following statements best describes LEGO's consideration of launching a new board game line?

It represents an effort to inject innovation into a stagnant board game category

What potential advantage did LEGO's management see in experimenting with new product lines like board games?

It could stimulate progress and innovation within the company

Based on the information provided, which of the following statements best characterizes LEGO's approach to managing sustainable growth?

LEGO explored new product lines and markets while maintaining its core strengths

Learn about the LEGO Group's plans to launch the first MMOG, LEGO Universe, in the second half of 2010 in this informative document. Explore the expansion of LEGO's electronic presence through this groundbreaking game.

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