Lego Ninjago Realms and Characters

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Who is the mother of all dragons in the text?

The Firstbourne

What was created to end the war between Dragons and Oni?

The Dragon Armor

Where does the First Spinjitzu Master use the Realm Crystal to escape from?

The Realm of Oni and Dragons

What are The Golden Weapons used for by the First Spinjitzu Master?

Ending the war between Dragons and Oni

What is the hybrid nature of the First Spinjitzu Master?

Half dragon and half Oni

Test your knowledge of the Lego Ninjago universe with this quiz about the Source Dragons, Elemental Powers, and the 16 Realms, including Ninjago, the Underworld, and the Realm of Madness. See if you can recall details about the Oni and Dragons' conflict in The Realm of Oni and Dragons.

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