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What is a potential threat to ethics according to the text?

False Consciousness

Which concept undermines the idea of free will and moral responsibility?

Determinism and Futility

What can be seen as promoting the idea that actions are morally acceptable if they benefit the individual, regardless of their impact on others?

Evolutionary Theory

Which idea implies that individuals' understanding of what is morally right or wrong can be distorted by their socioeconomic conditions?

False Consciousness

What does legal ethics refer to?

Moral principles and standards governing the behavior of legal professionals

What is the concept of 'Death of God' in ethical terms?

A challenge in grounding moral values and principles without a divine or religious basis

What does relativism propose?

Morality is not universal and ethical truths depend on individuals or groups

What is egoism in ethical terms?

The theory that individual self-interest is the valid basis for all actions

Test your knowledge of legal ethics with this quiz! Challenge yourself to understand the moral principles and standards that govern the behaviour of legal professionals, including lawyers, paralegals, and judges. Explore the ethical responsibilities and obligations inherent in the legal profession and the practice of law.

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