Legal Case Study: Dr. Eduardo Aquino vs. Heirs of Raymunda Calayag

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Who injected anesthesia on Raymunda's spine?

Dr. Aquino

Which doctor found that Raymunda suffered a cardiac comatose state?

Dr. Farinas

What was Raymunda's condition described as by the neurologist?

Vegetative state

What happened to Raymunda's surgical wound after she was stitched by Dr. Unite?

Split open

Who advised Rodrigo to take Raymunda home?

MCM doctors

Against whom did Rodrigo file a complaint for damages?

Dr. Unite, Dr. Aquino, Dr. Reyes

Who advised Sps. Calayag to have a caesarean section at the Sacred Heart Hospital?

Dr. Unite

What procedure did Dr. Aquino perform on Raymunda during her labor?

Injected anesthesia on her spine

What was the condition of the baby delivered by Dr. Unite?


What did Dr. Unite tell Rodrigo when he asked about Raymunda's condition?

His wife would regain consciousness when the anesthesia wears off

Who diagnosed Raymunda's vegetative state at Medical Center Manila?

Dr. Libarnes

What injury did Raymunda suffer due to cardio-respiratory arrest during the operation?

Anoxic injury

Who administered a high spinal anesthesia to Raymunda when only a low or mid-spinal anesthesia should have been given?

Dr. Aquino

What did Dr. Libarnes attribute as the cause of Raymunda's vegetative state?

Lack of oxygen in the brain

What was the main reason Dr. Unite could not exempt herself from liability in Raymunda's case?

She allowed Dr. Aquino, who was on sick leave, to participate in the operation

What did Dr. Unite admit was the proximate cause of Raymunda's brain injury?

Dr. Aquino's acts as an anesthesiologist

What did Dr. Libarnes criticize the doctors who operated on Raymunda for?

Not properly keeping track of her vital signs during the caesarean procedure

Why was Dr. Reyes not found liable under the doctrine of ostensible agency or doctrine of apparent authority?

The doctrine did not apply in this case

Explore the legal case study involving Dr. Eduardo Aquino and the heirs of Raymunda Calayag, detailing a situation during childbirth and medical care. Understand the implications and legal aspects of the case.

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