Lecture #1 Mechanics of Mechanical Manipulators

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What are the two main attributes used to define objects at a beginner level in the context of mechanical manipulators?

Position and orientation

Which term refers to the science of motion that treats motion without considering the forces responsible for it in the context of mechanical manipulators?


In the context of mechanical manipulators, what do joints with position sensors mainly measure?

Joint angles

What term is used to describe the number of independent position variables required to locate all parts of a mechanism in the context of mechanical manipulators?

Degrees of Freedom

What is present at the free end of a manipulator chain in the context of mechanical manipulators?

End effector

In the context of vectors, what does a 3x1 position vector represent?

Location in space

What is the significance of describing orientation of a body with respect to a coordinate system?

It gives the complete location of the body

How are unit vectors that describe orientation typically arranged for a body relative to a reference system?

$egin{bmatrix} X & Y & Z \ \ \ \

If given $A_{P} = egin{bmatrix} 2 \ -3 \ 5 \ \
\end{bmatrix}$, what does the value of $p_{y}$ represent?

Distance along the y-axis

Why is it important to specify both the location and orientation of a body in space?

To fully define the body's position

Learn about the mechanics of mechanical manipulators and how to locate objects in 3D space. Understand the concepts of position, orientation, frames, and reference coordinate systems in manipulating objects.

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