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Which of the following involves recalling facts, terms, basic concepts, and answers?


What is the main focus of Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction?

Utilizing learner participation

Which principle helps instructors make decisions about resources and activities by considering real-life experiences?

Dale's cone of experience

What technique should instructors use to ensure up to 90% retention, as mentioned in the text?

Implementing action-learning techniques

In the context of teaching methods, what is the purpose of evaluating and revising?

Improving instructional effectiveness

What is a recommended way to capture students' attention at the beginning of a lesson?

Ask students for their personal experiences

Which aspect should instructors focus on when selecting methods, media, and materials according to the provided text?

Maximizing sensory channels for learning

Why is it important to inform learners of the objectives at the beginning of each lesson?

To motivate learners and set expectations

In terms of Bloom's Taxonomy, what is the significance of stimulating recall of prior learning?

Facilitates the learning process by making new information relatable

Which of the following is a key aspect of presenting content effectively to learners?

Chunking and organizing content meaningfully

How can Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction be incorporated into teaching methods?

By including step-by-step guidance and practice opportunities

What is a crucial aspect of evaluating and revising teaching methods?

Continuously improving instructional techniques based on feedback

What guidance strategy involves the use of examples, non-examples, case studies, graphical representations, mnemonics, and analogies?

Learning guidance

Which event of instruction allows learners to confirm their correct understanding and increases the likelihood of retention through repetition?


What should be provided to learners during practice to ensure they receive specific and immediate evaluation of their performance?

Formative feedback

At what stage should learners be given the opportunity to take a post-test or final assessment without additional coaching or hints?

Upon completing instructional modules

What is the typical range of correct answers that leads to the mastery of material or certification as mentioned in the text?

80% to 90%

Which principle emphasizes providing additional guidance along with new content presentation to help learners encode information for long-term storage?

Merrill's Principle of Instructions

Test your knowledge on learning styles, perceptual learning, and Dale's Cone of Experience. Learn about the effectiveness of action-learning techniques, sensory-based learning styles, and designing instructional activities based on real-life experiences.

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