Learning Goals and Success Criteria for Computer Networks

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What is a computer network?

A group of computers linked to each other to communicate and share resources

What is necessary for computers to share information directly?

Direct physical connection between the computers

Which of the following is an advantage of computer networking?

Sharing printers, scanners, and email

What does a computer network enable you to do?

Send and receive information when accessing the network

What is a main function of components in a computer network?

Connecting computers and tools for sharing resources and applications

What does a computer network involve?

Hardware and software that connect computers and tools

What is the main advantage of electronic communication?

It is more efficient than paper-based communication

What is a major disadvantage of computer networking related to initial set-up?

Costly investment for hardware and software setup

What does a hub do in a computer network?

Splits network connection into multiple computers

What is the main function of a router in a computer network?

Analyzes data sent across a network and selects the best route for data to travel

What is the main advantage of PAN (Personal Area Network)?

Relatively secure and safe

What is the main advantage of LAN (Local Area Network)?

Can share computer resources like hard-disks, printers, etc.

What could be a major issue with not taking proper security precautions in computer networking?

File encryption risks

What happens if a hub receives a request from a computer in a network?

It transmits the request to the entire network

What is the main function of switches in computer networking?

Connects computers, printers, and other hardware devices to a network in a campus or building

What's the primary disadvantage of PAN (Personal Area Network)?

Distance limits

This quiz focuses on turning curriculum expectations into student-friendly learning goals related to computer components, peripheral devices, networked environments, and strategies for managing electronic information. It also covers success criteria for listing advantages and disadvantages of networking computers, and identifying the main components of computer networks.

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