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What is the primary purpose of development planning for leaders?

To provide leaders with a methodology to improve their behavior

Which of the following is one of the five questions leaders must answer for enduring behavior changes?

Is the leader motivated to change these behaviors?

What distinguishes formal coaching from informal coaching?

The specific needs and goals addressed in formal coaching

According to Peterson and Hick, what is one of the steps in informal coaching?

Inspiring commitment

What is an essential requirement for leaders in terms of practicing new skills?

Having opportunities to practice new skills

What is the fundamental attribution error?

Overestimating dispositional causes of behavior and underestimating environmental causes

In the context of the actor-observer difference, who is more likely to make the fundamental attribution error?

The observer

What does single loop learning involve?

Seeking little feedback that may confront fundamental ideas or actions

What is self-serving bias?

Being more likely to make internal attributions for one's own successes

Which leadership development method involves learning by doing?

Action learning

What does double loop learning involve?

Confronting one's own views and inviting others to do the same

What is the main role of a mentor?

To provide knowledge, advice, and support

How does mentoring differ from coaching?

Mentoring may not target specific development needs

What level of experience does a mentor typically have compared to the protégé?

2-4 levels higher in the organization

Which type of mentoring is often considered to be more effective?

Informal mentoring

In mentoring, what areas might a mentor provide guidance on?

Career opportunities, organizational strategy, and office politics

Why might a mentor not be part of the organization?

Because mentors can also come from outside the organization

What does the AOR Model stand for in the context of leadership development?

Action, Observation, and Reflection

Which term describes the tendency or bias to perceive one thing and not another?

Perceptual sets

What is the primary activity associated with perception according to the text?


Which of the following is NOT a factor that can trigger a perceptual set?

Flexible thinking

What do attributions refer to in the context of perception?

Explanations for observed characteristics, behaviors, or actions

Test your knowledge of development planning and coaching methodologies for leaders to improve their behavior. Learn about the five key questions that leaders must address to make enduring behavior changes, and the process of coaching in the leadership context.

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