Large-Scale Systems Development Practices

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What is the author's opinion about developing a system to print out the day of the week for a user's next birthday?

It may have unsolved bugs due to its simplicity

What is the problem with maintaining a system that asks for the user's birth date and prints out the day of the week for their next birthday?

It has a high likelihood of having unsolved bugs

What is the author's view on the usefulness of a system that stores customers and products in a database and provides a GUI for browsing?

It is particularly useful for medium-scale systems

What does the author imply about writing a program that stores customers and products in a database and provides a GUI for browsing?

It is not particularly useful for small-scale systems

Why is modularizing the program important for a team of 4 or 5 developers?

To allow developers to work independently on different parts of the program

What is a challenge when a program's code is hard to follow?

It can make it very difficult for new developers to expand the program or fix bugs

What is a common characteristic of large-scale systems?

Duplicate code likely exists all over the place

What is a key requirement during the 'Requirements capture/determination' stage in software development?

Analyzing the functionality required by the customers

What is the main focus of analysis in object-oriented analysis and design?

User requirements

Who is typically responsible for performing analysis in a software development project?

Systems analyst

What is an architect's primary focus during the design phase of software development?

Overall system structure

Which term best describes recurring themes in many types of software systems?

Design patterns

What is the main purpose of design patterns in software systems?

Provide solutions to common challenges

Who typically looks at system structure at lower levels during the design phase of software development?


In which stage of software development is the overall system structure determined?

System design

What is the purpose of the Unified Process in software development?

To introduce a methodology with significant overlap between phases

What is the primary purpose of iterations in the Unified Process?

To revisit earlier phases and add/update components

What is a limitation of the Waterfall Model for software development?

It allows for poor use of human resources due to mutual exclusivity of phases

What is determined during the implementation stage of software development?

The design converted into an implementation using a programming language

What is the benefit of testing during the software development process?

To test for coding and integration errors, as well as conformity to requirements and design

Learn about the best practices for developing large-scale systems, including modularizing programs, bug fixing, and making improvements over time. Understand the importance of creating code that is easy to follow for new developers who may work on the program in the future.

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