Language in Education: National Language Policy Assessment

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What is the main focus of the assignment given to Group 1?

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the Nigerian language policy

Who is the lecturer-in-charge of the course for Group 1?

Dr. Bamigbade

What is the course code for the course taken by Group 1?

LIN 323

What is the name of the student who is the group leader for Group 1?

Alphonso Afolayan Daniel

What is the matriculation number of Oloyede Goodness Iyinoluwa?


What is the main reason for the implementation of Nigeria National Policy 1.5.3?

Linguistic unity for National Integration

What does Uganda's Language Policy 2.1.6 aim to promote?

Promotion of Multilingualism

What is the main weakness of Uganda's Language Policy according to Chapter Two?

Status of English

Which factor influenced the beginning of Ghana’s Language Policy 3.1.4?

Pan-African ideas and Linguistic Unity

What aspect of education is addressed in Ghana’s Language Policy 3.2.6?

Inclusive Education for Linguistic Minorities

Assess the national language policy, examine the strengths and weaknesses, and compare with language policy documents in at least one other West African country and East African country. This assignment requires analysis and comparison of language policies within the context of education.

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