LAN vs WAN: Network Types Comparison

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What is the main advantage of utilizing a wireless computing system?

Enhanced functionality by removing location constraints

Which wireless technology is specifically designed for connecting computer systems over a large geographical area?


In a distributed computing system, what does the term 'resource sharing' refer to?

Sharing of many hardware and software resources among connected computers

What is one of the benefits of distributed computing systems that leads to a decrease in downtime?

Higher reliability

Which term best describes a configuration where many independent computer systems are connected, enabling information sharing among distributed users?

Distributed Computing Systems

Which case sensitivity rule must be followed for the functions printf() and scanf()?

All characters must be in lower case

What is the purpose of the scanf() function in C programming?

To read input from standard input (usually keyboard)

Which of the following values is assigned to the variable 'str' in a program after using the scanf() function?

A string

What happens if a user enters a character through scanf() and assigns it to a variable 'ch'?

The character is assigned to variable 'ch'

Which function can be used to read input from the standard input in C programming?


Explore the differences between Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) in terms of coverage, data transmission rate, data transmission errors, and communication cost. Understand the features of LAN compared to WAN such as geographic coverage, data rate, error rates, and ownership.

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