Monkey King Tale

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What did the Jade Emperor see when the light shot from Monkey's eyes?

A monkey

What did Monkey do when it got too hot?

Played in the waterfall

What happened when the monkeys and apes followed Monkey into the waterfall?

He became the king

Study Notes

  • A rock sat high on top of a mountain from the beginning of time.
  • Inside the rock was a monkey.
  • The sun, the moon, Heaven, and Earth all worked their magic on the rock, splitting it open one day.
  • Monkey stood up and stretched when powerful light shot from his eyes.
  • For a moment the light reached the Cloud Palace in Heaven.
  • The Jade Emperor, ruler of Heaven, turned to one of his captains and asked what had caused the light.
  • The captain saw everything that had just happened and told the emperor that it was a monkey.
  • The emperor was not surprised and thought that amazing things happened when Heaven and Earth worked together.
  • Monkey learned to walk, run, and climb over time.
  • He drank from streams and ate grasses and leaves.
  • Monkey became friends with all the other monkeys and apes and at night he slept under a cliff.
  • One hot morning, all the monkeys and apes were playing in the stream.
  • Monkey saw that it was too hot and suggested that they play in the waterfall.
  • The monkeys and apes followed Monkey into the waterfall and he became the king.

Test your knowledge of the classic Chinese tale of the Monkey King who was born from a rock, learned to walk, run, and climb, and eventually became the king of all monkeys and apes. See how much you remember about Monkey's adventures and his rise to power.

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