Kuwait University College of Engineering & Petroleum English Language Unit 3 Vocabulary List Quiz

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What does the term 'in the unlikely event that' imply?

A very small possibility something happens

Which term refers to 'a foot pedal to control speed'?


What does the term 'partially' mean?


What is the meaning of 'depressed' in the context provided?

Pushed down into lower level

Which term describes 'measures done in advance to prevent harm'?


What is the meaning of 'actuator'?

A part of a machine

Which term means 'very fast'?


What does 'kick in' mean?

To come into effect

How can 'switch' be defined?


What does 'resistance' refer to?

Measure of opposition or refusal to accept

Test your knowledge on the vocabulary words from Lesson 1 of Unit 3 in the English 123 course at Kuwait University's College of Engineering & Petroleum. This quiz covers words like 'as a precaution', 'a few isolated cases', 'a slight possibility', 'accelerator', and more.

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