Korach's rebellion (Year 9)

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Who was Korach and what did he envy?

What action did Korach take against Moshe and who did he take with him?

Who were Korach's father, grandfather and great-grandfather?

How many leaders from the tribe of Reuben joined the rebellion?

Why did Korach feel aggrieved towards Moshe?

What did Datan and Aviram feel about their leadership roles?

What was the rebels' argument against Moshe and Aharon?

What was the outcome of Korach's rebellion?

According to Rashi, why did people from the tribe of Reuven join Korach's rebellion?

What is the Talmud quote 'Woe to a wicked person, woe to his neighbour' implying?

How does Mishlei 13:20 relate to the influence of those around us?

What qualities are important to resist peer pressure?


  • Moshe spoke, ground split open, Korach and rebels swallowed by earth with their property
  • Korach's sons repented at last moment and survived
  • Israelites saw proof of God's choice of Moshe and Aharon as leaders
  • Newspaper article about Korach's rebellion and trial

A. Newspaper article:

  • Headline: "Was Korach's Rebellion Justified? A Trial to Decide"
  • Israelite man Korach rebelled against Moshe
  • Rebellion crushed, now on trial for punishment or pardon
  • Question: Why did Korach rebel?
  • Question: Is rebellion against a leader ever justified?
  • Question: Was Moshe an effective or ineffective leader?
  • Question: Should Korach be punished or pardoned?
  • Question: What was Korach's crime?
  • Question: Was Korach justified in his actions?
  • Group discussion: prepare opening and closing statements, call witnesses

B. Trial procedure:

  • Groups sit together to prepare for trial
  • Teacher facilitates trial and serves as judge
  • Defence makes opening statement
  • Prosecution makes opening statement
  • Rebuttals
  • Defence calls witnesses
  • Prosecution cross examines defence witnesses
  • Defence cross examines prosecution witnesses
  • Steps 6-8 repeat
  • Closing statement of prosecution
  • Closing statement of defence
  • Judge announces verdict

C. Korach's rebellion involved neighbours from the tribe of Reuven

  • Rashi explains why they joined: they were settled in the south and neighbours of Korach and his family
  • Talmud quote: Woe to a wicked person, woe to his neighbour
  • Discussion: influence of those around us
  • Mishlei 13:20: He who keeps company with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools shall come to grief
  • Analogy: entering a perfumer's shop or a tannery
  • Pirkei dRabbi Eliezer: explanation of analogy
  • Examples from life
  • Agree or disagree with the statement

D. Dealing with negative influences:

  • Definition of peer pressure
  • Image: potential negative influences
  • Peer pressure can sometimes be positive: following group in positive actions
  • People give in to peer pressure for various reasons
  • Qualities to resist peer pressure: self-confidence, self-awareness, assertiveness, communication skills, and support from positive influences.


Read about the divine punishment of Korach and his followers in this newspaper article. Discover why the punishments were considered fitting and learn about the evidence of Hashem's choice of Moshe and Aharon as leaders of the Bnei Yisrael.

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