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Heterotrophic Nutrition

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What kingdoms contain heterotrophic organisms? (4)

animalia protista fungi monera

wall of the alimentary tract (4 layers, tunics)

mucosa , submucosa , muscalaris externa , serosa

typical process of digestion (2)

mechanical chemical

types of heterotrophs (3)

consumers deritivors saphrotrophs

two locations of digestion

intracellular , extracellular

stages of digestion (5)

ingestion , digestion , absorption , assimilation , egestion

single-celled organisms

can directly take in nutrients from their outside environment

saprotrophs (1 example)

release digestive enzymes and then absorb the external products of digestion decomposers

multicellular animals

have developed specialised structures for obtaining and breaking down their food

Test your knowledge on the kingdoms that contain heterotrophic organisms. Identify which kingdoms rely on consuming other organisms for nutrition. Perfect for biology enthusiasts!

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