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Which civilization did NOT occupy Morocco over thousands of years?


During which period did the Idrissid dynasty rule Morocco?


Which European power did NOT have control over Morocco at any point in history?


Which dynasty was NOT mentioned as having ruled over Morocco at some point?


What event helped restore Morocco's sovereignty during World War II?

United States intervention

What was the cause of King Mohammed V's death?

Lung cancer from resistance to French occupation

Which group was NOT mentioned as part of modern Moroccan society's religious traditions?


Who succeeded King Mohammed V after his death?

King Hassan

Who introduced democratic reforms in Morocco before abdicating in favor of his son?

King Hassan

What type of system does the Kingdom of Morocco operate under today?

Parliamentary system

Study Notes

Overview of Kingdom of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in North Africa, with its westernmost point being only eight miles from Spain across the Gibraltar Strait. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and it was under Islamic rule until the arrival of European explorers in the late Middle Ages. Today, despite this historical heritage, modern Moroccan society embraces various religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sufi, Berber animist worship, and Saharan shamanistic cults. The country's population consists of approximately 99% Arab-Berbers, with Arabs forming around half of this percentage and Berbers making up the rest. The remaining 1% includes Europeans and other minority groups.

Historical Background

Morocco has been occupied by different civilizations over thousands of years. Early settlers were nomads who lived in tents. Later came Phoenicians, Carthorse Empire, Romans, Christian Vandals, Byzantines, Muslims, Jews, Almoravids, Almohads, Merinids, Portuguese, Spanish, French, British, Germans, Italians, Indians, and Israelis. During these periods, several kingdoms have ruled the land, such as the Idrissid dynasty and the Omeyyad Caliphate, while others like the Fatimids, Zirids, Maghrawas, Banu Ghaniya, Marinides, Wattazids, Saadis, al-Alawi, Pompoms, and the French Protectorate also took control.

In recent centuries, Morocco became a protectorate of France, which took direct control of most of the country, leaving only limited autonomy to several tribes. However, during World War II, the United States helped restore the nation's sovereignty. In 1956, after a series of nationalist struggles, the country gained independence and established the monarchy under King Mohammed V, who later died from lung cancer caused by his resistance against the French occupation. His son Hassan succeeded him and introduced democratic reforms before abdicating in favor of his own son upon reaching retirement age. This led to the current monarch, King Mohamed VI, who continues to reign today.

Currently, the Kingdom of Morocco operates within a constitutional framework which allows for a parliamentary system headed by a Prime Minister, and a king, whose key role is largely ceremonial. Though there is some debate among scholars regarding whether different ethnicities can live peacefully together, the future seems bright for Morocco. Its people seem determined to maintain their identity, even if they must overcome societal differences.

In conclusion, Morocco, having passed through many hands, remains a country steeped in diverse cultural influences, and its citizens continue to embrace and celebrate this complex past, looking forward to a promising future.

Test your knowledge on the historical background of the Kingdom of Morocco, from its early settlers and various civilizations to the times of French protectorate and independence struggles. Explore the diverse cultural influences and rulers that have shaped this North African country.

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