Kingdom of Fools Riddle

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Why did the people obey the king and minister's orders?

They feared death as punishment for disobedience

Why were the guru and his disciple amazed by what they saw in the city?

Everyone was asleep in broad daylight

What did the king and minister want to change?

Night into day and day into night

What did the guru realize about the kingdom?

It was a kingdom of fools

What was the consequence for disobeying the king and minister's orders?

Death punishment

What were the king and minister's unconventional decision for the Kingdom of Fools?

They decided to change night into day and day into night, ordering everyone to be awake at night and to work and run businesses only after dark.

How did the people of the Kingdom of Fools react to the king and minister's orders?

The people obeyed the orders out of fear of death.

What surprising discovery did the guru and his disciple make in the city?

They found that everything in the shops cost the same, a single duddu, whether it was a measure of rice or a bunch of bananas.

Why did the guru decide that the kingdom was not a good place for them to stay?

The guru realized that it was a kingdom of fools and decided it wouldn't be a good idea for them to stay there.

What did the guru and his disciple do after realizing the nature of the kingdom?

They cooked and ate, then decided to leave the kingdom.

Test your lateral thinking with this riddle about a kingdom where the king and minister make unconventional decisions, leading to unexpected consequences.

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