Ketamine Indications and Contraindications Quiz

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What is the adult dosing of ketamine hydrochloride for patients weighing 50 – 75 kg?

200 – 300 mg

Which adverse effect is associated with ketamine hydrochloride use?


What is the mechanism of action of ketamine hydrochloride termed as?

Dissociative anesthesia

How fast does the onset of action of ketamine hydrochloride occur when administered intravenously?

< 30 seconds

What precaution should be taken with patients who have a history of Schizophrenia before administering ketamine hydrochloride?

Use with caution

What is the duration of action for analgesia after administering ketamine hydrochloride intramuscularly?

5 – 10 minutes

Which system does ketamine hydrochloride selectively depress before affecting the more ancient cerebral centers and pathways?

Thalamoneocortical system

What are emergence reactions, as mentioned in the text, associated with the use of ketamine hydrochloride?

(Hallucinations, Delirium)

What is the recommended dose of ketamine for pain management in a patient not in respiratory failure?

25-50 mg IM

In what situation can ketamine be administered 10 minutes after an initial dose of fentanyl for pain relief?

When the patient is in respiratory failure

What is the recommended route of administration for ketamine when used for procedural sedation?

100mg/ 1ml IV/IO push over 1 minute may repeat every 10 - 20 mins

What is the adult dosing of ketamine for rapid sequence induction?

200 mg IV/IO over 1 min

When should ketamine be administered for pain relief in a patient not in respiratory failure?

10 minutes after the initial fentanyl dose

What is one contraindication for administering ketamine?

Uncontrolled Hypertension

what is the procedure dose of ketamine when a pt is experiencing Pain – or – Severe bronchospasm?

10mg/ 0.1ml IV/IO over 10 minutes

Test your knowledge on the indications and contraindications of using Ketamine in medical procedures. Explore scenarios involving pain management, severe bronchospasm, procedural sedation, and more.

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