Kerf Bending Technique for Curved Structures

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What happens when the spacing of cuts is closer in kerf bending?

In kerf bending, what are the two methods for setting the shape?

What is the purpose of kerf bending?

Why is it important to leave a thin layer of uncut material on one face in kerf bending?

What affects the bend radius in kerf bending?

How can the shape be set in kerf bending?


  • Kerf bending is a technique used to make curved structures from various materials, including wood, plywood, MDF, and vinyl.
  • The process involves removing small sections from a piece of material until it becomes flexible while still maintaining its integrity.
  • The cuts should not go all the way through the material; leaving a thin layer of uncut material on one face acts as a ligament.
  • Appropriate cut depth is important for material flexibility. Plywood is often used as a depth reference.
  • Testing on scrap materials is recommended before bending the main piece, to determine the optimal cut depth and flexibility.
  • Spacing of cuts affects the bend radius. Closer cuts result in tighter radii, while wider spacing produces shallower curves.
  • Two methods for setting the shape: 1) gluing the curves shut, 2) using another piece of material to hold the shape while bending.
  • The technique can be used to bend the material outwards as well, but requires more care and may involve saturating the material with water or steam.
  • Curve bending can be achieved with various tools, including a miter saw, radial arm saw, table saw, or circular saw.
  • Always practice safety precautions while bend bending.
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Learn about the kerf bending technique used to create curved structures from materials like wood, plywood, MDF, and vinyl. Understand the process of making flexible yet structurally sound bends through strategic cuts and testing for optimal flexibility and bend radius.

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