Kamala Das and Mother's Absence

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What was one of the main feelings Kamala Das described in relation to her mother's absence?

Fear and anxiety

How did Kamala Das try to distract herself from feelings of loneliness and isolation?

By watching shooting stars

What did Kamala Das mention trying to find comfort in during her mother's absence?

Faith and surroundings

How did Kamala Das feel when her mother was away for extended periods of time?

Disconnected from her surroundings

What brought Kamala Das joy and a sense of connection when her mother returned from her trips?

Malayalam poetry books

In the text, what did Kamala Das describe as making her feel like a stranger in her own home?

Her mother's absence

What did Kamala Das often focus on to distract herself during her mother's absence?

"Homework and analytical tasks"

How did Kamala Das describe her mother emotionally?

"Distant and distracted"

"What did Kamala Das mention watching that could distract her from loneliness?"


"What gifts did Kamala Das's mother bring back that delighted her upon returning from trips?"

"Malayalam poetry books"

Study Notes

  • The text is about Kamala Das, a Malayali Muslim woman from Kerala, India, and her experiences and feelings as a young girl.
  • Kamala Das wrote about her feelings of fear and anxiety about her mother leaving for long periods of time, and her fear of losing her mother or her mother's death.
  • She described her mother as old and fragile, and how she would become anxious when her mother was away for long periods.
  • Kamala Das also wrote about her feelings of loneliness and isolation, and how she would try to distract herself by focusing on her homework and analytical tasks, or by watching shooting out of the ground (likely a reference to fireworks).
  • She mentioned how her mother's absence would make her feel like a stranger in her own home, and how she would feel disconnected from her surroundings.
  • Kamala Das also wrote about how she would try to find comfort in her faith and in her surroundings, such as the windows and the bills (possibly a reference to her mother's bills or receipts).
  • She described how her mother would bring her gifts (likely Malayalam poetry books, as Kamala Das was a well-known poet) when she returned from her trips, which would bring her joy and a sense of connection.
  • The text mentions how Kamala Das's mother would sometimes travel for work or for other reasons, leaving her daughter alone for extended periods of time.
  • The text also touches upon Kamala Das's experiences with her peers and their reactions to her mother's absence, as well as her own feelings of embarrassment and isolation.
  • Kamala Das's writing conveys a sense of longing and nostalgia for her mother's presence, and a deep emotional connection between a mother and her child.

Explore Kamala Das's poignant writings on her mother's absence and the profound impact it had on her as a young girl, delving into themes of fear, isolation, and longing for maternal presence.

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