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What is a key aspect of making the curriculum relevant to learners?

Establishing a personal connection to lesson material

How can teachers help students realize the usefulness of daily lessons, according to the text?

By engaging students emotionally and making connections with their existing knowledge

Why is integrating ICT-pedagogy skills into the K-12 curriculum important based on the text?

To enhance student learning and future professional preparation

What are some tips shared by Briggs (2014) for making learning engaging and personally relevant?

Connecting learning to students' lives and what they already know

What competencies are 21st Century learners expected to demonstrate according to Rich (2014)?

Collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving

What is the main focus of Mother-tongue Based Multilingual Education as described in the text?

Promoting the child's dominant language and using it as a language of instruction

What does TPACK stand for in the context of the text?

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

How does learning in a language children understand impact their language acquisition according to the text?

It accelerates the learning of a second language

What is the primary focus of the K to 12 Curriculum mentioned in the text?

Aligning core courses with College Readiness Standards

How does revisiting and consolidating topics multiple times strengthen learning according to the text?

It enhances mastery and retention of topics and skills

Study Notes

Making the Curriculum Relevant

  • Making the curriculum relevant to learners involves helping students see the usefulness of daily lessons in their lives.
  • Teachers can achieve this by integrating real-life scenarios and examples into their teaching.

ICT-Pedagogy Skills

  • Integrating ICT-pedagogy skills into the K-12 curriculum is important because it enhances teaching and learning.

Engaging and Relevant Learning

  • According to Briggs (2014), making learning engaging and personally relevant involves:
    • Encouraging learners to take ownership of their learning
    • Providing opportunities for learners to reflect on their learning
    • Encouraging collaboration and feedback among learners

21st Century Learners

  • 21st Century learners are expected to demonstrate competencies such as:
    • Critical thinking and problem-solving
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Creativity and innovation

Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education

  • The main focus of Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education is to use the learners' first language as a foundation for learning additional languages.


  • TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge.

Language Acquisition

  • Learning in a language that children understand enhances their language acquisition because it:
    • Enables them to understand and connect with the content
    • Increases their motivation and interest in learning

K to 12 Curriculum

  • The primary focus of the K to 12 Curriculum is to develop learners who are holistically developed and prepared for life.

Strengthening Learning

  • Revisiting and consolidating topics multiple times strengthens learning by:
    • Reinforcing previous learning
    • Providing opportunities for learners to apply what they have learned
    • Helping learners to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter

Test your knowledge on the salient features and learning competencies of the K-12 Curriculum, with a focus on integrating ICT-pedagogy skills. Explore the development of 21st Century skills and the relevance of the curriculum in modern education.

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