Pickles Saves the World Cup

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Who discovered the Jules Rimet Trophy and where was it found?

What was the reaction of the FA to the recovery of the Jules Rimet Trophy?

What is the reward for finding the Jules Rimet Trophy?

When did England first join the World Cup competition?

How far has England advanced in the World Cup historically?

Who found the Jules Rimet Trophy after it was stolen?

Where was the Jules Rimet Trophy displayed before it was stolen?

What was the ransom amount demanded by the thief who stole the trophy?

Who came up with a plan to trick the thief and retrieve the stolen trophy?

Where was the Jules Rimet Trophy being kept before it was borrowed for an exhibition?


Test your knowledge about the infamous theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1966 and the miraculous discovery by a dog named Pickles. Explore the events surrounding the theft, the global impact, and the subsequent recovery.

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