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What is the main purpose of ensuring equality of treatment before the courts?

To promote fairness and impartiality

If a judge demonstrates bias towards a person based on irrelevant grounds, what does it violate?

Judicial ethics

What is expected from judges in terms of considering all individuals involved in a legal matter?

Treating everyone with appropriate consideration

In the context of judicial duties, what should a judge require lawyers to refrain from?

Manifesting bias or prejudice based on irrelevant grounds

What should a judge not permit court staff or others influenced by them to do in a legal matter?

Show preference based on irrelevant grounds

What does a judge's manifestation of bias or prejudice towards any person risk in judicial duties?

Violating legal procedures

Test your knowledge on judicial ethics, including impartiality and equality before the courts. Explore topics like influencing judges, awareness of diversity, and ensuring equal treatment for all individuals.

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