Journey into Philippine Mythology

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Which of the following religions has influenced Philippine mythology?


What are some concepts found in Philippine mythology?

Heaven, hell, and the human soul

What is the main source of Philippine mythology?

Philippine folk religions

Which of the following is NOT a name for heaven in Philippine mythology?


What is the term used for the human soul in Philippine mythology?


Study Notes

Philippine Mythology

  • Islam, Christianity, and Hindu-Buddhist influences have shaped Philippine mythology.

Concepts in Philippine Mythology

  • Diwata (forest spirits)
  • Engkanto (fairies)
  • Aswang (shape-shifting vampire-like creatures)
  • Tikbalang (grasshopper-like creatures)
  • Sarimanok (bird-like creature)

Sources of Philippine Mythology

  • Ancient oral traditions and stories passed down through generations

Names for Heaven in Philippine Mythology

  • Kaluwalhatian ( Iggorot people)
  • Lantao (Tagalog people)
  • Maca (Visayan people)

Term for the Human Soul in Philippine Mythology

  • Kaluluwa (refers to the soul or spirit)

Test your knowledge of Philippine mythology with this quiz! Explore the rich tapestry of narratives, epics, and superstitions from the indigenous folk religions of the Philippines. Discover the diverse ethnic faiths and the fascinating stories that make up this mythological world.

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