John Locke's State of Nature and Government Theory

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According to John Locke, what are the fundamental rights that individuals are born with?

In the state of nature according to John Locke, what is the law that governs human beings?

Where does John Locke suggest the law of nature comes from?

According to John Locke, what happens to natural rights once individuals enter into society?

What did John Locke emphasize about the rights individuals have in the state of nature?

John Locke believes that individuals are born with fundamental rights that are enshrined in a constitution or list.

According to John Locke, the state of nature is characterized by hierarchy and the idea that some people are born to be kings and others are born to be slaves.

In the state of nature, the law of nature sets absolute limits on individuals' rights that cannot be given up or taken from others.

John Locke suggests that the law of nature comes from the workmanship of one and wise maker, namely 'god' and individuals are made to serve him.

According to John Locke, natural rights change and diminish once individuals enter into society.


Learn about John Locke's theory on fundamental individual rights and the state of nature with this quiz. Explore the concept of rights that exist before any government and their implications for public policy.

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