John Keats' 'A Thing of Beauty' Quiz

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Who criticized 'Endymion' in the 1818 edition of The Quarterly Review?

John Wilson Croker

What is the title of the poem by John Keats that contains the line 'A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever'?


What did Keats regret in hindsight about 'Endymion'?

Making it public

According to Keats, what does 'A Thing of Beauty' do?

Increases loveliness and brings joy forever

What did Keats consider 'Endymion' to be in his literary journey?

A necessary evil

Test your knowledge of John Keats' poem "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever" and his perspectives on criticism and literary progression in this quiz. Delve into the themes and context of the poem, and explore Keats' personal views on the reception of his work.

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