John Dryden: Poet and Playwright

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Where was John Dryden born?

Aldwincle near Thrapston

What was John Dryden's grandfather's name?

Erasmus Dryden

At which school did John Dryden study as a King's Scholar?

Westminster School

What was John Dryden appointed as in 1668?

England's first Poet Laureate

Who described John Dryden as 'Glorious John'?

Sir Walter Scott

What skill did Westminster's curriculum aim to develop in pupils?

Critical thinking

What event does Dryden's first published poem allude to?

The execution of King Charles I

Where did Dryden go to study after leaving Westminster?

Trinity College, Cambridge

Who did Dryden obtain work with during the Protectorate?

Oliver Cromwell's Secretary of State, John Thurloe

How did Dryden celebrate the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660?

With Astraea Redux, an authentic royalist panegyric

Test your knowledge about the life, works, and influence of John Dryden, the influential English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright. Learn about his appointment as England's first Poet Laureate and his dominance in the literary life of Restoration England.

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