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Habit 2 Part 1 - Begin with the End in Mind

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Why is it important to have an end in mind?

To avoid being influenced by others in making decisions

What does the text suggest about being at a 'critical crossroads in life'?

The decisions made at this point can have long-lasting effects

In what way can choosing paths at a young age affect a person according to the text?

The paths chosen can shape a person's future permanently

What is one aspect of life mentioned in the text that could be affected by the paths chosen?

Choice of friends

What happens if an individual fails to decide their own future according to the text?

Someone else will make decisions for them

How does the text describe the importance of choosing paths when young?

It can shape a person's character and future permanently

What is the consequence of sending explicit texts or sexting photos according to the text?

The recipient might share them in the future.

What is the suggested approach towards personal information sharing online based on the text?

Be cautious and selective about whom you trust online.

How does the text advise handling decisions related to sex?

Decide well in advance and think through the consequences.

What is the potential risk highlighted in the text concerning sharing personal texts or photos?

Future harm from someone sharing them maliciously.

What can happen if you don't carefully choose friends and partners?

Increased likelihood of being taken advantage of.

How does the text suggest avoiding potential risks associated with personal relationships?

By being wise and selective in choosing friends and partners.

What does the passage suggest about the narrator's past mistakes?

They will continue to haunt the narrator forever.

What is the main purpose of the discussion about Krista's AP U.S. history class?

To illustrate the importance of setting specific academic goals.

What was the key factor that allowed Krista to succeed in the AP U.S. history course?

Her determination to do well and pass the final exam.

What is implied about the other students in Krista's AP U.S. history class?

They did not have a clear goal or motivation for taking the class.

What is the main lesson or takeaway from the discussion of Krista's experience?

Setting specific goals and putting in full effort can lead to academic success.

What is the primary message conveyed in the first part of the passage about the narrator's past mistakes?

The narrator continues to be haunted and defined by their past mistakes.

What was the author's feeling when opening the essay book?


What strategy did the author employ when answering the essay question about the Civil War?

Used references from reading and a documentary

What does Jack Welch's quote suggest?

You should take charge of your own future

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a potential influence on one's future, according to the text?


What does the author imply about adopting values from the media?

It is something to be cautious about

What is the author's advice regarding one's future?

Visualize and take control of it

According to the passage, what does Habit 2 'Begin with the End in Mind' mean?

Developing a clear vision of where you want to go in life and setting goals accordingly.

What is the analogy used in the passage to illustrate the importance of having an end in mind?

Solving a jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box.

According to the passage, what is the relationship between Habit 1 and Habit 2?

Habit 1 is about taking control of your life, and Habit 2 is about setting a direction for it.

What does the passage suggest about the potential objection of being too young to have an end in mind?

It acknowledges the objection but does not provide a clear response to it.

What is the main purpose of the passage?

To explain the concept of Habit 2 'Begin with the End in Mind' and its importance.

According to the passage, what is the significance of having a clear picture or idea of who you want to be in the future?

All of the above.

Study Notes

The Importance of Having an End in Mind

  • Having an end in mind is crucial because it allows you to think beyond the present moment and plan for your future.
  • It's essential to decide your own future, as someone else will do it for you if you don't.

The Crossroads of Life

  • Being young and free, you're standing at the crossroads of life, where you have to choose which paths to take.
  • The choices you make today can shape you forever.
  • You're faced with decisions about education, relationships, values, and personal growth.

Digital Caution

  • Be careful when sharing personal information online, as it can be risky and have long-term consequences.
  • Avoid sending explicit texts or photos, even to someone you trust, as it can lead to trouble.

Sex and Relationships

  • Decide now how you want to approach sex and relationships, rather than waiting until the "heat of the moment".
  • This decision affects your health, self-esteem, reputation, and future relationships.

School and Education

  • What you do about your schooling can also shape your future in a major way.
  • Having an end in mind in your educational pursuits can help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Krista's experience shows that setting goals and working towards them can lead to success.

Who's in the Lead?

  • If you don't visualize your future, someone else will do it for you.
  • You don't want your friends, parents, or the media to dictate your values and goals.
  • Control your own destiny by setting your own goals and making deliberate choices.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

  • Habit 2 means developing a clear picture of where you want to go with your life.
  • It involves deciding what your values are and setting goals.
  • Having an end in mind gives you direction and purpose, helping you navigate life's challenges.

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