Java Programming: Private Instance Variables

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Why is it recommended to make instance variables private in Java?

To prevent other classes from accessing the instance variables directly

What is the purpose of using a setter method in Java?

To validate incoming data

In Java, what is the purpose of data shadowing?

To reduce confusion by having variables with the same name in different scopes

In Java, what happens when the 'throw' keyword is used with an Exception Object?

The program stops execution and tries to find a fix

In Java, what is the main characteristic of a static method?

It has access to class variables.

How does Java protect itself from bad data when setting instance variables?

By throwing an exception if the passed value is not valid

What does the 'this' keyword refer to in Java?

It is used to refer to instance variables and methods in an object

When calling a static method in Java, which of the following is observed?

Using the class name to access the method.

What is the main drawback of not checking the data passed when setting instance variables in Java?

It can lead to logical errors in the program

What does the term 'DATA SHADOWING' refer to in Java?

Collision of variable names where the local variable takes precedence

What does the keyword 'static' imply when used in Java?

Only one instance can exist.

How does making instance variables private contribute to better code quality in Java?

It improves data encapsulation and security

Which term is commonly used in Java to refer to getters and setters?

Mutators and Accessors

What is the purpose of 'Method 0' as described in the text?

Comparison and branching operations.

What is the significance of creating public methods to handle instance variable values in Java classes?

It provides controlled access to instance variable values

What is the main purpose of a getter method in Java?

To retrieve the value of a variable

Which statement about accessing static methods in Java is false?

They require objects to be created first.

What is the primary benefit of using static methods in Java?

No need to create objects to use them.

What is the main difference between a static variable and an instance variable?

Static variables have the same value across all instances, while each instance has its own value for an instance variable

In a bank application with Account objects, why would the account number be an instance variable and the interest rate be a static variable?

Account numbers need to be unique for each account, while all accounts should share the same interest rate

What does it mean when we say that a static variable is never part of an object?

Static variables are not stored in the heap memory with objects

How many 'interestRate' variables would exist if there were 100 Account objects instantiated in a bank application?


If we instantiate 5 Person objects from the 'Person' class, how many 'name' instance variables will be created?


Where does the scope of an instance variable lie?

Class level

What is the primary goal of abstraction in coding?

To reduce code complexity by simplifying the model

In Pig Latin, what happens to the first consonant (or consonant cluster) of an English word?

It is moved to the end of the word

What does Encapsulation primarily aim to protect?

Instance variables from being accessed by other classes directly

What does Encapsulation prevent other programmers from doing?

Changing our object's data through unauthorized methods

What concept is closely related to the idea of Information Hiding in OOP?


What is the main benefit of Encapsulation according to the text?

Preventing unauthorized access or modification of object data

Learn the importance of making instance variables private in Java programming to protect the data from being modified by external classes. Explore how Java ensures data encapsulation using access modifiers like private and how to set values through public methods.

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