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What is the purpose of JDBC in Java?

To connect a Java program to a database and perform operations on the data

Which statement accurately describes the components of JDBC?

Connection, statement, resultset

In which packages are JDBC classes defined?

java.sql and javax.swing

What is the correct sequence to create a database connection using JDBC?

i - iii - ii - v - vi - iv - vii - viii

Which method is used to perform DML statements in JDBC?


How many transaction isolation levels are provided by the JDBC through the Connection interface?


Which method in JDBC API is static and synchronized?


What methods are required to load a database driver in JDBC?

registerDriver() and forName()

Parameterized queries can be executed by?

PreparedStatement interface

What does setAutoCommit(false) do in JDBC?

Disables auto-commit mode

Test your knowledge of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) with this set of multiple-choice questions. Whether you are preparing for a Java interview or a competitive exam, these questions will help you assess your understanding of JDBC concepts and operations.

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