Java Fundamentals: Writing Simple Programs Quiz

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What does a comment that begins with // indicate in Java?

It indicates that the line is a comment and is used to document programs and improve their readability

Why are blank lines, space characters, and tabs used in Java programs?

To make the programs easier to read

Which keyword introduces a class declaration in Java?


What does the 'public' keyword indicate in a class declaration in Java?

It indicates that the class is public and can be accessed from other classes

What does a traditional comment in Java begin with?


What must be the name of the file to store a public class named Welcome1?

Which symbol begins the body of every class declaration in Java?


What does the System.out.println method do in Java?

Displays a line of text in the command window and positions the output cursor at the beginning of the next line

How is the Java bytecode represented in a file after successful compilation?


What command is used to execute a Java application from the command line?

java Welcome1

Test your knowledge of Java fundamentals including variables, data types, arithmetic operations, constant string class, input/output, and packages. This quiz covers writing the first Java program, using comments to improve program readability, and understanding the basics of compiler behavior.

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