Jane Austen Life and Works

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Where was Jane Austen born?


What does the text suggest about Austen's social and cultural setting?

Her works highlighted the activities enjoyed by her.

How does the text describe Austen's literary contribution compared to Shakespeare?

Austen and Shakespeare had different positions among their contemporaries.

Study Notes

Jane Austen's Life

  • Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire, England.

Social and Cultural Setting

  • Austen's social and cultural setting was influenced by the English society of the late 18th century.

Literary Contribution

  • Austen's literary contribution is significant, but the text suggests it is not comparable to Shakespeare's in terms of grandeur and scope.

Explore the life of Jane Austen, her works, early life, family background, geographical context, and social and cultural influences. Learn about significant places in Austen's life such as Hampshire, Kent, Bath, and her impact on literature.

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