IT2312 IT Infrastructure Components Quiz

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What does an IT Infrastructure consist of?

Which of the following is considered a hardware component of an IT infrastructure?

What type of components combine devices into a single network for connectivity?

Which component includes applications or programs that bring life to the hardware?

What is the primary function of network components in an IT infrastructure?

Which of the following is NOT a part of the main IT infrastructure components?

What is the main characteristic of a traditional (on-premise) IT infrastructure?

What is the main feature of a cloud-based IT infrastructure?

What does the hyperconverged IT infrastructure aim to unify?

What is an essential task in IT Infrastructure Operations?

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Why do SaaS companies invest heavily in IT infrastructure?

What is a potential risk associated with cloud-based IT infrastructure?

What is the primary difference between private and public clouds?

What are the main components of traditional (on-premise) IT infrastructure?

What does Infrastructure Operations primarily involve?


Test your knowledge of IT infrastructure components such as hardware, software, and network components with this quiz. Learn about the essential elements that maintain the operation and delivery of IT-managed services.

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