IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Quiz

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What is the coordination of activities with the objective to identify, assess and respond to risk referred to as?

Which area involves the act of adhering to mandated requirements defined by laws and regulations?

What is generally referred to as governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) at the highest level?

What requires the development and implementation of internal controls to manage and mitigate risk throughout the organization?

What is the main responsibility of governance within the realm of IT?

Who is typically responsible for governance in most enterprises?

What is the main responsibility of management in most enterprises?

What varies in terms of proper governance according to the text?

What is the responsibility of the CEO in most enterprises?

Why is it stated that no two businesses or groups are the same in terms of governance structure?


Test your knowledge of governance, risk management, and compliance within the realm of IT. This quiz covers topics such as stakeholder needs evaluation, enterprise objective setting, performance monitoring, and compliance in enterprises.

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