Isotopes: Atomic Number and Nucleon Numbers Quiz

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What is an isotope?

What is the mass number of an atom?

What is the atomic number of an element?

How do isotopes of a given element differ?

Which type of isotopes are stable and do not undergo radioactive decay?

What is true about all elements?

Which type of isotopes do not display any sign of decay?

What is the unique name for hydrogen with one neutron?

Which type of isotopes have a stable proton-neutron combination?

What is the half-life of tritium, a radioisotope of hydrogen?

In which medical imaging technique can radioisotopes be captured?

What is the common use of technetium-99m in nuclear medicine?

What type of isotopes are typically used as tracers in nuclear medicine?

What can excessive exposure to radioactive isotopes cause in humans?

What is the unique name for hydrogen with two neutrons?

What does the term 'half-life' refer to in the context of radioisotopes?


Test your knowledge about isotopes, which are atoms with the same atomic number but different nucleon numbers. Understand how isotopes have similar chemical properties but different atomic masses and physical properties.

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