Islamic Perspective of Psychology

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What does Islamic psychology focus on?

What message does Allah SWT give to His servants?

How can including the Islamic viewpoint in nursing practices improve cultural competence?

What principle of nursing care does the approach of including the Islamic viewpoint align with?

What can Islamic psychology promote in terms of global comprehension and collaboration?

What does the text suggest about the prevailing social outlook on psychology?

What does the Quranic verse mentioned in the text emphasize?

What does Islamic psychology look at?

What aspect of Islamic societies does Islamic psychology focus on understanding?

What potential does the text suggest Islamic psychology holds?

What is the significance of Islamic scholars' contributions to psychology?

How does Islamic psychology differ from Western psychology?

What is the role of nursing professionals in integrating spiritual and psychological dimensions of care?

What could embracing an Islamic perspective on psychology potentially promote?

What does Islamic psychology offer to psychological science?

What do the foundational contributions of philosophers to Islamic psychology reflect?


Explore the rich legacy of teachings from Islamic scholars on diagnosing and treating mental health conditions, which were developed centuries before modern psychology. Discover the comparable treatment plans and diagnoses with symptoms identified by modern science, along with the aspect of spirituality offered by Islamic psychology.

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