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When did most historians believe that Islam originated?

7th century CE

In which city did Muhammad begin to unify the tribes of Arabia under Islam?


What did Muhammad's message call for?

Submission to the one God

Where did Muhammad begin receiving what Muslims consider to be divine revelations?


Who are regarded as the Abrahamic prophets in Islam?

Adam, Noah, Abraham

Study Notes

Origins of Islam

  • Most historians believe Islam originated in the 7th century.

Unification of Arabian Tribes

  • Muhammad began to unify the tribes of Arabia under Islam in Medina.

Message of Muhammad

  • Muhammad's message called for the unification of the Arabian tribes under one god, Allah.

Divine Revelations

  • Muhammad began receiving divine revelations in Mecca, which are considered by Muslims to be the basis of the Quran.

Abrahamic Prophets in Islam

  • In Islam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are regarded as the Abrahamic prophets.

Test your knowledge of Islamic history with this quiz! Explore the political, social, economic, and cultural developments of Islamic civilization, including the origins of Islam with Muhammad's mission in Mecca and Medina. Delve into the faith's connections to the Abrahamic prophets and its impact on the world.

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