Islamic Creation and Prophets Stories

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What material was Adam created from?


Who refused to prostrate to Adam out of jealousy and pride?


From what material were the Jinn created?


How tall was Adam when he was created?

60 meters

What led to Adam and Eve losing the light covering their bodies in paradise?

Eating from the forbidden tree

Where were the Jinn eventually expelled to live after being corrupt on Earth?

Islands in the sea

What did Cain do to his brother Abel out of jealousy?

Killed him

Why did Adam and Eve leave paradise and move to Earth?

For a temporary life with hardships

What did Adam discover about his hiding son Habil?

His wrongdoing

Who was among the angels but refused to prostrate to Adam?


Study Notes

  • Allah has sent messengers to every nation in the past to deliver messages for them to ponder upon.
  • Allah ordered the pen to write everything that will happen until the Day of Judgment, including love and hatred.
  • Before creating the heavens, Allah created the angels, who worship Him tirelessly.
  • Allah then created the Jinn from flame, and they lived on Earth for 2000 years but were corrupt and were eventually expelled to live on islands in the sea.
  • Iblis, a Jinn, was among the angels but refused to prostrate to Adam due to jealousy and pride.
  • When Adam was created from dust, soil, and clay, he was already an adult, 60 meters tall, and the most handsome human.
  • Allah blew the soul into Adam, giving him knowledge of all names and creations.
  • Adam and his wife were placed in paradise with the condition not to go near a certain tree.
  • Iblis deceived them into eating from the forbidden tree, causing them to lose the light covering their bodies and become naked.
  • Adam and Eve sought forgiveness from Allah, who forgave them but sent them to Earth to live a temporary life with hardships.
  • Cain and Abel were born to Adam and Eve, with Cain being jealous of Abel's offering being accepted by Allah and eventually killing him out of jealousy.
  • Abel advised Cain to fear Allah but was killed by him, leading to Cain feeling remorse and regret.- Adam discovered that his child was hiding something from him, leading to a series of events involving the death of his son, Habil.
  • Habil was killed by his brother, Kabir, who then buried him following the example of crows he had witnessed.
  • After the incident, Kabir grabbed his sister and ran away to live on flat land, where they started a new lineage separate from Adam's descendants.
  • Adam had numerous children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, with one of them being a messenger of Allah named Sheath.
  • Sheath wished for fruits he had eaten in Jannah, and upon sending his children to a certain place, they encountered angels who informed them of Adam's impending death.

Test your knowledge on the creation of Adam and Eve, the stories of their children Cain and Abel, and the lineage of messengers sent by Allah according to Islamic beliefs.

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