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Which branch of science is explicitly mentioned in the text as having contributions from Muslims?

How many verses in the Quran are mentioned as dealing with natural phenomena?

What is the stance of Islam towards the pursuit of scientific knowledge?

What does Islam encourage mankind to do in relation to nature?

What is the scientific method based on according to scientists?

What was the period between 750-1050 AD known as in the Islamic world?

Where were great centers of scholarship established during the 'Golden Age' of Islam?

What is the main goal of science according to the text?

According to Mohammad Hashim Kamali, what are the primary tools with which humanity can achieve the goals laid out in the Quran?

Who argued that Muslims developed the foundations of modern science by highlighting the repeated calls of the Quran to observe and reflect upon natural phenomena?

What is the scientific method?

What is science?

What is Allah's creation that the text emphasizes humans should endeavor to understand?

What does being thankful for healing mean, according to the text?

What did Muslim scholars and scientists base their developments and discoveries on during the 'Golden Age'?

What is the relationship between faith in God and belief in science, according to the text?


Test your knowledge on the Islamic attitude towards discovery, exploration, inductive knowledge, and the non-contradiction between faith and science. Explore the contributions of Muslims to various branches of science such as astronomy, maths, psychology, physics, and medicine. Understand the definition and significance of science in Islamic teachings.

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