ISEC755: Advanced Systems and Data Security - Computer Security Problem

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What is the main focus of computer security according to the text?

What is one of the main reasons for the increasing criminal activity related to computer security?

In what way has the emphasis of security shifted according to the text?

What is the primary concern in modern online transactions according to the text?

What is the evolving definition of computer security, as mentioned in the text?

What term is used to describe not just the protection of information, but a means of knowing the level of protection that has been accomplished?

Which historical security incident was spread via e-mail with the subject line 'ILOVEYOU'?

In which year was the Code Red Worm released, infecting over 350,000 computers connected to the Internet in 14 hours?

What vulnerability did the Slammer Worm exploit in computers running Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Desktop Engine?

From 2009 and beyond, the cyber threat landscape became considerably more dangerous due to which new adversaries?


Explore the computer security problem in the context of advanced systems and data security. Understand the challenges and risks associated with conducting business over the Internet and transferring money via networks.

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