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What is the estimated number of IoT devices by 2025?

75 billion

How did the Mirai malware access devices in 2016?

Using default usernames and passwords

What was the purpose of the Mirai malware attack in 2016?

To turn devices into a botnet for DDoS attacks

What term is used to describe the strain of malware that turned IoT devices into a botnet?

Open source

Why will cities and companies increasingly adopt smart technologies according to the text?

To save time and money

What was the impact of the DDoS attack facilitated by the Mirai malware in 2016?

It disrupted major websites and services

What role does the router play in IoT security?

The router provides security at the entry point of the internet into the home.

What is the purpose of collecting data through smart home devices like thermostats and lighting systems?

To facilitate machine learning.

Why are most consumer IoT devices vulnerable to attacks?

Due to the lack of security software and manufacturers prioritizing quick market entry.

What does 5G promise for IoT devices?

Faster internet speed and the ability to connect more devices simultaneously.

What motivates manufacturers to prioritize security in IoT products?

Quick market entry often overshadows security concerns.

What type of data do voice-controlled devices collect when set up?

Conversations recorded and stored in the cloud.

Test your knowledge on the growth of IoT devices and the cybersecurity threats associated with them. Learn about the increasing number of connected devices and the risks posed by cybercriminals exploiting these devices for DDoS attacks and malware.

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